Everyone thinks that it's about who has his heart . But really , how does Courtney turn from 'kinda uptight' to 'extremely uptight'? Well I have one word for ya, PRODUCERS ! Yeah , I said it ! They made Courtney a total biatch to have Duncan make an excuse for dating Gwen. Now we have a new asshole on the show, and it ain't Heather...But that was a stupid move they did to Courtney. Gwen basically lied to Courtney , making her think that her and Heather were her best friends. Yeah right ! 

As you know , Courtney and Duncan were polar opposites and WERE made for each other. They were together for 2 in a half seasons. This is the Real reason they quit on each other . . . .

Duncan quit TDWT in the 1st episode. That caused Courtney to miss him and get sad , but as usual, she did not show it during competition . He came back on , I See London and kisses Gwen during the same episode, without anyone knowing (except Tyler). The next day, Tyler is forced by Alejandro, to spill the beans, and Courtney's now mad with Gwen and Duncan, and ends her friendship with Gwen and ends her relationship with Duncan. The STUPID thing Duncan did , was start a relationship with Gwen in the SAME episode ! So Courtney tries to vote off Gwen , and Gwen is voted of some episodesd later. Duncan's furious with Courtney. Courtney then starts to like Alejandro. Later, Duncan finally apologizes for cheating on her, but in stead of getting an *OK*, he gets a kick in the groin and a bowl of spaghetti thrown on his head, and Courtney bursts into tears (POOR COURTNEY !) But we ALL know the truth about Duncan. He still has feelings for Courtney though. As soon as I send the letter to the producers about the mishap with Courtney and Duncan , they'll be reunited !

A/N: This story is the REAL reason why they broke up. Don't ask me, it's freaking stupid . . . if you ask me. :)