A/N : I think they are perfect together ! They completed each other , that's why Gwen and Duncan don't belong to each other; they are too much in common ,take that you DxG fans !

Duncan : Hey Princess

Courtney: What Ogre ?

Duncan: Like my abs ?

Courtney: Pfff ! As if ! I'd rather eat shit than look at that !

Duncan: Ya know,I could force it out of you…(says smirkin)

Courtney: Wha-What are you doing…get the hell of off me !

*She says this until he kisses her passionately*

Duncan: So what do ya think of my abs, Princess ?

Courtney: I love them ! (she laughs)

Duncan: That's my girl !

                                   0      0     0          0       0   0             0 

Courtney : Why were you forcing me to say I like your abs ?

Duncan: Because , I went to the gym just to impress you. I knew you that I couldn't tell you that because I would sound like a wimp, which I'm not !

Courtney: That's not being a wimp, it's being kind and generous.

Duncan:Yeah right ! I'm not kind or generous , thank you very much !

Courtney: What about the time when you saved Bunny for DJ ? That was kind to be honest. . .

Duncan: Whatevs...I only did that to get him to stop complaining about him...jeez.

Courtney: So when you went to the gym, you were thinking about me ? I guess you do have a soft side.

Duncan: No I don't ! I just love you , that's all !

Courtney:Awww...I love you too !

Duncan:*wraps his arms around her and kisses her* Maybe I should start forcing you to do a lot more other things...

  • Slap !*