• She was so scared, she had to let Duncan hold her...AWW !:)
  • That's so sweet, man !
  • She helped him complete the "Phobia Factor"
  • He carved their initials on the back of a stone....he LOVED her !
  • He held her in the "Million Dollar Babies" episode of TDA...even though it was by force....CxD !
  • A brief description of Duncan...and his affection towards Courtney.:)
  • Random Picture of Courtney
  • The alternative ending to TDA...not the real ending anyways...:)
  • It Says it all In the Theme......DxC ! :)
  • This happened before Courtney gave Duncan his first Total Drama kiss....boy was he LOVESTRUCK !
  • Episode 13 of Total Drama Action when Courtney comes back....boy was he surprised !
  • Giggedy-Giggedy !....RAWR !
  • The intro of Total Drama still says it all !
  • Polar Opposites ! Opposites DO attract ! :)
  • Remember that Deer-Paintball Hunt they did, yeah they were the scene of it all ! :D
  • Basic Straining-When Courtney got voted off , Duncan gave her a little gift to keep her spirits up. Awwww....:)
  • Before he won the Phobia Factor,he was given emotional support. What good Goodmentin ! :):)

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